Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Florence Nightingale

It was Hannah's turn yesterday to give her presentation during our Terrific Tuesday!  This a day where our group of homeschooled families share what they've been learning about a particular historical person.  Hannah decided in the fall that she'd like to study Florence Nightingale (FN) -- so since then, we've been furiously reading a lot of books, poetry, watched a video and reasearched this noble woman in history.  Hannah began her presentation with a trifold layout of FN photos, medical instruments, important dates and a map of her journeys.  Then we reinacted a hospital scene in Scutari, Turkey where FN served as a nurse at a crude place to take care of the injured soldiers during the Crimean War.  This 'hospital' was called the Barracks Hospital.  She had all the boys act as soldiers and they drew out of a hat what their particular injury they had.  The girls all had aprons and acted the part of the FN Nurses.  The kids had a lot of fun and I think learned a lot from the experience. 

Serving water to the wounded.

Hannah and I made the apron together ~ she's a whiz on the sewing machine :)

Treating the wounded soldiers!



More wounded soldiers ~ glad they survived!

I think we managed to check out every book in the libary system on FN.
The video we watched was:
Florence Nightingale Interactive DVD
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow also wrote a poem about her, which I won't share in this post.  The title of the poem is "Saint Filomena" where he refers to her as being the Lady With the Lamp. One of the books many books we enjoyed was: 
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eatwiss said...

Hannah did a great job! Loved acting out the hospital scene.